Where the HANDMADE FLOOR still exists

Our wooden floors are the result of experience and professionalism in the third generation; a fundamental combination for the creation of an innovative, elegant and refined parquet. Innovation stands in the quality of the materials: from the structure of the multilayer in phenolic glued birch (highly resistant to humidity and water) to the selection of noble woods with the best textures; the qualitative value is given by hand work such as planing and aged wood effect, to get to the HAND FINISHING, a significant plus that makes the LegnoSystem wooden floor sturdy and reliable giving it the refinement and uniqueness that distinguishes us. Our strength is determined from the professionalism accompanying and supporting the customer in his choice and customization of the floor itself according to his specific requests. The customer is in fact personally involved in the progress of the creation of his tailored wooden floor, as the processes, treatments and finishes are made in our company by experienced craftsmen.


Our Products

Over the years we have been working with many wood species, from the most historic and present in our land to others from all over the world. The experience that allows us to satisfy every single request on the project directly within our company, brought us to perfect ourselves in working especially two wood essences with great passion: European Oak and National Walnut. The wood selection starting from the forest allows us to always put quality in first place.

From classic to modern, innovative

Space to the fantasy in its finishes

Our quality craftmanship in its completeness